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AmphiSeal - an Innovative Coating System that can Reduce Building and Maintenance Costs.

What is AmphiSeal?

The AmphiSeal System is a flexible, water resistant, cementitious coating with extreme adhesive properties. Adheres strongly to masonry, concrete, tiles, metal, wood, most plastics, DensGlass and Styro-Foam.

Who should use it?

Hotels and Commercial Buildings for General Upkeep and Renovation
Government Facilities Renovation
New Home Builders
Historical Building Restoration, Preservation and more…

AmphiSeal Vs. Other Coatings

The facts:
AmphiSeal costs less to apply.
AmphiSeal can be applied up to 3 times faster.
AmphiSeal is more durable.
AmphiSeal replaces OR reinforces other coatings.
UV and Water Resistant. Flexible. Inhibits mold and fungus.



Masonry Surface Repair and Protection

Repair and restore Walls (interior/exterior), Driveways, Walkways, with the AmphiSeal System.


Commercial and Historical Building Renovation & Restoration

Reinforce or restore brick, block and other cementitious based coatings, with the AmphiSeal System.


New Construction: Walls & Floors

More cost effective than other cementitious coatings. Flexible – no cracking – and can be easily applied directly to GP DensGlass reducing labor and materials costs.





Government Facilities Renovation

The AmphiSeal System reduces long term maintenance costs. Stronger than other coatings and 3x faster to apply. Saves on labor and total project costs. It’s Flexible. Water Resistant.


Replaces or Reinforces other Cementitious Coatings

Reinforce and restore brick, block and other cementitious based coatings. The AmphiSeal System does not require painting. Eight standard colors. Can be finished to all textures.


Water Intrusion Prevention

The AmphiSeal System is water resistant, yet is a vapor permeable system. It repels water intrusion yet allows interior moisture to escape.



AmphiCoat Can Reduce Your Costs & Raise Profitability

Amphicoat cost comparison
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